Winter vegetable and barley soup

Brimming with vegetable and barley goodness, this barley soup is great for you but also leaves you feeling totally satisfied.  It is very substantial, almost more of a stew than a soup. Print Winter vegetable and barley soup Author: Kate Recipe type: Main Cuisine: English Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  50 mins Total time:  1 hour Serves: Serves[…]

Lemon dal soup

The added sour element from the lime or lemon adds a great twist to this tasty, healthy vegetarian dal soup. It is a very thick, substantial soup which can be eaten as such or had with rice, preferably brown to ensure a full protein meal.  Reduce the garlic if you have high pitta (heat). If serving[…]

Cleansing Mung Bean Soup

This is an excellent soup for times when you need to cleanse.  This may be when you are feeling unwell, sluggish or have poor digestion.  It is also a fantastic soup to have as a cleanse at the turn of the seasons, when doshas are most likely put out of balance.  If you intend to[…]